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summer colors (by N+T*)


Ma Jun (b. 1974, Quingdao, China)  Porcelain Art from New China series. Info with pics.

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Hiroshige Utagawa / 歌川広重

"I cast Rosamund because I knew she wasn’t going to play Jane as a nice, simple person. Jane has a real interior world, she has her heart broken.”

(Joe Wright, Director)

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Birds Of A Feather | by Claire Rosen.

A brilliant live portrait series by Claire Rosen featuring vintage wallpaper backdrops to accentuate and highlight the colors of each bird, which range from the common Parakeet to the exotic Hyacinth Macaw.

As seen on: Honestly WTF.

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ART HISTORY MEME; 9 paintings:
Still Life with White Roses, Vincent van Gogh [4/9]

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My book, my books / Mi libro, mis libros (ilustración de Claudia Deliguomini)

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